Friday, February 13, 2009

Me my valentine!!!

Another day
Another year
Valentines day
Where people celebrate love
For only a day
When it should be emphasized everyday
My solem heart still founds no true love
But founds comfort in thinking one day he'll come
I've been lucky...
Sure, that I know
If you who knows me, don't think so
Well it's not for you to know because
My luck wasn't for show

Now teddy bears will be on sold
Chocolates and flowers won't be no more
Maybe that's why I never received none
But it never stop my heart from beating once
Valentines day isn't funny, lonely, or even sad
It is simply a regular day!
For me of course!

Friday, January 23, 2009

What the hell...but oh well...

Well you never know who may stop by and read so might as well keep blogging for my "soul"'s sake. So-

Hey ya'll!
What have you've been up to lately?

It's pretty late, I'm sleepy but I can't help thinking of how I smell good...and I decided to make a stop to check on my blog to see if any "peter pans" or "bells" have stopped I'm funny!
Anyways News: I recorded more songs, yep, the ones I've told you guys about if you have red my previous blog,you'd know of course. They will be on myspace Soon so, stay tuned! I am excited about them so hope you will like. Again I wrote them both. The bad news is that, I will have to take off "Never too late and Remember me" to be able to add the two other babies. But make sure you stop by and listen to them as much as you can before cancellation.

Alright, I must say that thanks to a friend, I am proceeding to take a different approach to get my voice out there. I am unique that's one thing, I won't deny that I got more work to do as a singer, and I think even on top we still need to excercise our vocals but nonetheless, I got what it takes! I am in need of an agent/manager and not any kind, sigh...nope no no. So if you are definitely serious and experienced please holla at a girl.

Another thing, thank you to those who have left me their encouraging words though it may not be not on this site or where else...they mean much to me. Many people seems to feel "You and I" all the same. Well, I am happy. Now if you wanna know how happy I am happy, well I am happy to make your heart sing! Alright nuff said, I am tired to death so I will leave you guys with a sweet good night kiss.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogging obviously!

I don't know what to say. I just feel the need to blog. But Like said my new song "Baby" is up and running on myspace I am happy that it's finally a song. I still need more though,meaning I am still looking for that greatness. Some people might not understand that and give me advice to kinda change or soothen how I see things on that perspective. But I know what I mean, I need to feel accomplished and I am far from that got more work to thing is for certain I can't go against time once I've reach my goal or God's plan! I have two more instrumentals on which I can't wait to record on. Won't reveal the titles but I'll let you know when I am done. Is my 2009 started off good? Nah....nah not really. Already behind on some school work. Got bills that need ATTENTION. NEED TO SHOW MY SELF TO THE WORLD, meaning perform or something but no pressure, I will have to, eventually but no pressure. This is an update, I will bring some more news. So stay tune.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Alright 2009 we're on!

I added two more songs on myspace page, songs I wrote a lil while back. It's not my voice you'll hear but the lyrics. The titles are: Nevr too late and Remember me. Let me inform you that they are country but notheless I wrote them so, please stop by and enjoy! Mwah Marilyn

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good bye 2008....2009 Now what?!!!!

So this is it. I am bless to be alive and healthy, what more is there to say? Thank you God for everything of the past that made me who I am but I am hungry for more. I pray to my lord above for 2009 to the best year of my life for me and my babies. To you all I wish a happy year filled with love and abundance, most of all I wish you guys health and success under the grace of God! Be bless and enjoy!



Friday, December 19, 2008

Probably my last 2008 blog!

Well...What to say! I just realized that my blogger page wasn't what I expected it to, blue,silver and gold sort of. That's my clear sign that I need a laptop. My computer creates unexcisting colors slash fuckt up to my vision but anywhoo, that's not the reason why I am bloggin. I am excited about my new up coming song "Baby" written by moi of course and beat produced by Dabridge records. I must say that this beat is HOT and I can't wait to share it with you guys as well as an accapella of mine which I titled "Nothing's gonna bring me down" and thanks to GTstudios it will turn out great. Anyway progress is the word I will use for mysefl at this point and of course more is to be accomplished. I am trusting God above with erything and that's all I can do.

All the feelings in the world are not enough
All the oceans that cries and the streams that guts out
From the middle of the solid rocks are still less too strong
To explain who I am deep inside other than I am just human
Because this excuse is of flesh and of blood
But what relies deep in my soul is the part I don't know
I met with my spirit but not with my soul
And that's the part that tells me that no matter how much I seem to know
Nothing at all is for sure
Therefore nothing in this world is pure but a part of me holds on to something Unknown
And for it to be revealed in its clarity
I must know who I am not by race nor religion or whatever else justifies a status That is sold to whom solace judgments and prejudices of human's best...
What am I capable of ?
Even that I'm not sure
I am thinking all will be revealed once I make that connection and meet the other Part of me that is untouchable
And this is the eternity my world will ever come to know

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm the best you'll have

I will stay in the nude
For until you come
And dress me with the skin of you
I will lick my fingers so hard
When I start thinking of you
I'll crave for your juice
And only yours
My desire is to swalow
The essence of you
To roll my tongue around your shhh
To hear you moan and groan
As you getting longer
Trying to deny the fact
That you want me more
But I know truth will come out
Sooner or later
As you'll beg for more
After the score
You'll find strenght
To travel deep within my core
From there for ever more
You'll then find it hard to deny
That I'd be your best point
Certainly I already know
That I'm the best
You'll have from them all

© 2007, Marilyn L. All rights reserved.
No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express permission of the author.